Main Responsibilities

  1. Conducting road and bridge asset inventory and recording,
  2. Road andbridge condition assessment,
  3. Setting road standards and grade
  4. Managing, protecting and supervising road and bridge assets
  5. Implementing Road Asset Management systems – that avails up-to-date and reliable road asset data in a database system
  6. Administrating contract services onmaintenance and rehabilitation works
  7. Conducting researches related to road and bridge asset management

Ongoing Activities /Projects

  1. Migrating the Excel and AutoCAD data into a Database system and/or GIS,
  2. Updating the road network data of the city,
  3. Developing Transport Infrastructure Asset Management System (TIAMS)
  4. Conducting Pavement condition survey
  5. Conducting Bridge and culvert inspection
  6. Using the iRAP Star Rating for Pedestrian walkway Updating and development
  7. Conduct GIS Training – to enhance the skills of Experts